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 Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Ayad Fadel demonstrated artistic strengths early in life, drawn to creating artistic expression in drawing and painting. Ayad Fadel pursued painting and drawing through which the small truths of life and the deeper aspects of the human experience could be expressed. His uncle is an artist of considerable renown; and with his encouragement, Ayad Fadel pursued his studies in the Academy of Fine Arts. Ayad Fadel subsequently studied for about 3 years in the academics of fine arts in Baghdad.  Fadel was driven to make the artistic process a true engagement with others, and continuously sought out the public space to paint portraits and to document public life in his paintings. Recognizing the challenges faced by artists to make a living pursuing their true love, Fadel studied and completed his diploma of Science degree in Electrical Engineering . The war in Iraq, however, disrupted this life and the economy for many, making existence and artistic expression near impossible. As was the case for many Iraqis, Fadel and his immediate family eventually left Iraq in as refugees; but their dreams and hopes for an independent and democratic country remained firmly intact, and the hope of returning and creating a new future remained ever the objective towards which to work.

Ayad Fadel’s artistic work, through the abstract and figurative depictions, exhibits the essence of the subject in his paintings. His expression, through both color and expressive activity, emotively depicts the pain and hopes of his native country. Incorporating culturally relevant design and symbols, as well as artistic aspirations of what the future may evidence, his work reveals the hopes and dreams held by many of what a truly democratic and independent Iraq may look like. Fadel says, “My native country is riddled with beauty and danger. These two extremes impact the soul very deeply. No one chooses openly to leave their homeland, but when life has been completely disrupted and normalcy and healthy existence is no longer possible, one must leave with the hopes of creating a better future from afar.” Fadel says further of his work, “It is, therefore, natural that my art should convey my hopes and aspirations for the best of the human experience and for all the people of Iraq; as well as those who help support progress. While I was forced to flee to a new land, my belief in the best of humanity, for the rule of law, and for a populace who will stand up and support human rights has remained steadfast. I know there are kindred spirits who support my work. My artistic work seeks to represent, in graphic form, the means by which such may be realized and how true peace and justice may be actualized for all. I continue my efforts to develop myself as an artist and an activist such that I may communicate and connect with my audience.”

Ayad Fadel left Iraq in 2004 and was afforded refugee status in the United States. He has sought to further his education- artistic and professionar. Ayad Fadel is dedicated to furthering his professional training and education to identify additional methods and approaches to communicate his artistic message; and to further advance himself as an artist and advocate. He has continued his studies at the Glassell School of Art in Houston, earning another degree in Painting. Ayad Fadel’s artwork has earned both international and national recognition through the following galleries and exhibition spaces:


(International- Group and Solo*):

- 1996 Baghdad - Natural Festival in Fine Arts Institute
- 1997 Baghdad - Wasiti Festival in Art Center
- 1998 Baghdad - Drawing contest in Arts Center
- 1999 Baghdad - Autumn Gallery in Art center
- 2002 Baghdad - Personal Gallery in the UN
- 2005 Amman Jordan - Participated in the Anger Mural held by the Jordanian Nation Museum.
- 2006 Amman Jordan - Solo exhibition, Blue fig
- Participated to numerous mural related to theatrical arts
- 2008 Jordan - Solo Art Show Features and symbols at Jordanian Ministry of Information 


.2008 Commissioned by Jack Meier Gallery, Painting of Indian Native, Houston,Tx
.2008 Amnesty International Campaign Launch & Art Exhibition,Winter Street Gallery, Houston,Tx 

.2008 Art Show On The Avenue, Winter Street Gallery, Houston,Tx
.2008 HAPPY HOURS - Collaborative Exhibition, Houston,Tx
.2009 Participated in Art Crawl, Isolation Gallery, Houston,Tx
.2009 New Gifts: Vox Culture, Benefiting KIVA to finance a project in Cambodia, Houston,Tx 

.2009 Supplication: Solo Excision at It's Grand, Houston,Tx
.2010 Solo Art Show {Rain Song} H Gallery, Houston,Tx
.2010 'Best In Show', Betz Gallery 12x12 Show, Houston,Tx
.2010 Participated in Art Crawl, Houston,Tx
.2011 Solo Art Show, 'Musician', Hotel Solara at City Center, Houston,Tx
.2012 Art Show,Washington DC
.2013 Solo Art Show, "Everlasting Dream", Art Movement Gallery, Houston,Tx

.2014  Participated in Citizenship Month Houston, Global art , Houston,Tx

.2016 Solo Art show, Wishes & Memories,  Samara art gallery, Houston,TX

.2017 made a portrait for the mayor of Houston and a painting for the city of Sugar Land.

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